Monday, November 10, 2014

A new assignment

Hey parental units [and family and friends],

I got a rather unexpected phone call this past week from President Yamashita asking me to come be his new assistant. He called me late Thursday night and said that I had to report in to the mission office the very next morning, haha. I was at the time on a companion exchange in Toyota, about an hour away from Okazaki by train, and from there proceeded to hurry back to Okazaki, pack all my luggage, and be ready to go early the next morning, hahaha. Completely unexpected!

we were moving fast on an Okazaki train
I am now on my third Japanese companion! Elder S, from Sapporo (think far northern Japan, and lots of snow). I have known him since my first transfer and he is wonderful. We talk in both English and Japanese (he is fluent in English, very impressive). It`s going to be great here. It looks like my fate is sealed for the rest of my mission, and I will probably be here until my last transfer. I am now in the Meito Ward, here in the northern part of the city of Nagoya. Super nice place.

I am going to miss Okazaki. I served there for five and a half months and I grew to love the people and the place. It was so fun serving with three very different and unique companions in that area, all of whom became close friends. We saw so many miracles and I grew so much personally and spiritually (and perhaps physically as well.....the food was delicious).

Thank you so much for always being there. I love you so much! You and the family are in my prayers every single night! I`ll let you know more about what life is like here after I`ve had a week to adjust to the new responsibilities, haha. It looks like next week we will be traveling all over the mission doing companion exchanges and giving training. Hope I don`t get carsick.....

Peace and love,

Elder Naylor

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