Monday, October 13, 2014

Bike crashes, typhoons, and volcanoes . . . crazy stuff!

Hey peeps,

This week was once again a blur of activity. We had T's baptism, and then yesterday he was confirmed into the church. It was wonderful and I am still slightly baffled at the experience that we had in finding, teaching, and baptizing this amazingly prepared individual in just two weeks. He was just so ready for everything, and I believe the Lord has great things in store for him. 

We are still meeting with T regularly, and his home teachers have been picked out so it`s go-time to prepare him for the priesthood and the temple, hopefully next month when the whole ward takes their temple trip to Tokyo.

We have been trying to make our mission presidents` goal to have a baptism every month, and this month I think we may have a possibility. His name is Y, 16 years old, met him on the street last week. He came to a young mens` activity and fit in perfectly, and then came out to church the next day, He is bonding really well with the young men, and we can see the young mens` own testimonies being strengthened as they help us teach him about the gospel. We hope that we may be able to baptize him by the end of the month and help him feel the joy of the gospel.

As I mentioned before (maybe), last week I rode to the hospital in an ambulance with my companion after he had a rough bike accident. He crashed on the street close to the church with an open head wound, pretty shocking. He got some stitches at the hospital and he is doing very well. We gave him a priesthood blessing to help with the healing process. Now whenever we head over to the church I like to point out his blood stains on the pavement (they`re still there, hahaha). He is a way good sport about it and I am very happy that his injuries were not more serious.

Bike crashes, typhoons, and volcanoes this past week. Pretty crazy stuff. But the Lord`s work is moving forward ever so strongly, and I am pleased and honored to be a small part of it out here in the beautiful Land of the Rising Sun.

typhoon Japan: now there's a blur of activity
I am doing well, my companion is good too. I think I am doing okay for shoes, the shoes with holes are actually kinda fun and I want to see if I can make them last til the end of the mission, it`ll be fun to show them to you guys when I get back. But that`s still way in the future, let`s not think about that!

Love you all! Thank you for everything!!!

Peace and love,
Elder Naylor

it could be worse!

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