Tuesday, July 8, 2014


It's TYPHOON SEASON! Time to get wet!!

how do you like our new look?
Elder A and I are currently the world`s largest pair of raisins as we ride around Okazaki on our bikes in deluvial downpours currently sweeping across central Japan. Fun fact about Okazaki: no flat roads. Think Pittsburgh x 2. It`s all pretty and 'at, but with each squeak of my starting-to-get-rusty bike brakes, I foresee the impending doom of my almost 1-year-old bike as we work ourselves over these beautiful hills. 

New news for the week, we have another baptism coming up! Looks like well be having one baptism this month and another next month! Our first investigator, Shakespeare (that is actually his name!), will be getting baptized later in July. He is way excited. And then our friend Fernando will be entering the waters of baptism next month! We are so excited, these two guys love hearing about the gospel and we love teaching them.

I spent a lot of time on trains traveling around the Nagoya area this week. Elder Ch and I had to do some companion exchanges, coordinate interviews for the missionaries in our zone with the mission president, and attend a stake missionary coordination meeting at the mission headquarters. Basically my money fell out of my wallet from all the traveling. I learned a lot though. We`ve had to take care of various issues going on within our zone right now, and it`s been both tough and rewarding. I really enjoy working with all these other missionaries.

I have re-embarked on a personal study of the life and mission of the Savior. I am once again reading the book Jesus the Christ and studying scriptures about His life and mission. I love learning about Christ. It always puts a new perspective on my life and helps me to see my real purpose and meaning here on a mission, and even just here on Earth. I love my Savior so much.

The ward here in Okazaki is wonderful. The church members are very kind and they love missionaries. So far this is the biggest ward I have seen in Japan, with about 120-150 active members at church each week. It`s a busy ward and there is never a dull moment, which we love! People are always taking us out to eat and asking us to help them out with stuff. I love being busy! And I love the people here.

I don`t have too much time, but suffice it to say that life is good and missionary work is even better. I hope you all are staying safe and cool back home in America land. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! I LOVE AMERICA!!!!!!!

Peace and love,
Elder Naylor


Japan loves fireworks festivals, all summer long

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