Sunday, December 7, 2014

I suppose I shouldn't have really expected . . .

What`s up everyone,

Hello from Japan-land. The snow is finally falling and it finally decided to get cold this week. It was fun playing soccer this morning.

This past week was transfers, which was a bittersweet experience for us here in the mission office. On the same day that we had to say goodbye to 13 returning missionaries (many of whom where the Sisters who were in the MTC with me and came to Japan with me in the same group), and then dry our tears and make up smiles to welcome 10 brand new missionaries into the field, straight from the MTC. Good stuff. We have some good missionaries in this new batch, they were all super cheerful and happy to be here.

not yet!
Yesterday I had my practical exam for my Japanese drivers license, and to put it nicely.......FAIL!!  It must have been a sad sight to see me out on the driving course trying to get used to everything being on the opposite side of what I`m used to, on top of the fact that it was my first time behind the wheel of a vehicle for over a year and a half, plus my first time ever driving a vehicle in Japan, haha. I suppose I shouldn`t have really expected to pass my first time (hardly anyone ever does). Now I know what to expect for next time. However I won`t be getting my license anytime soon, so it looks like we`ll still be using trains for the next few weeks. Shouldn`t be too bad though.

Last night we had a very powerful and moving lesson with our investigator, Ya. He was actually found in Okazaki (my previous area) about a year and a half ago, and then transferred here to Nagoya. He is a way cool kid and still loves meeting with us. He had a spiritual experience recently where he felt something very powerful after his prayer, so yesterday we spent the whole lesson focusing on helping him understand what he felt and what it means for him. He still is having a hard time understanding. We prayed together again yesterday and he felt that same powerful feeling again. We all felt it. There can be no question that he has been receiving answers from his Heavenly Father, but he still needs more help understanding what it means. We invited him to baptism several times but he is still not ready. He is progressing well though, and I really like him a lot. I am grateful to meet with such wonderful people.

This work is amazing. I am so eternally grateful for the gifts that our Heavenly Father bestows upon us. Every day I have so much reason to be full of gratitude. I love the Christmas season and the focus we place on the Savior. He is the greatest gift ever given to the world, a gift that all mankind can freely partake of. There is so much love in the plan of salvation that our Eternal Father laid out for each and every one of us to progress eternally. I love this message. I love all of you too. Thank you so much for your messages and support.

Peace and love,
Elder Naylor

might be planes, trains, and NOT automobiles for a few weeks . . .

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