Thursday, September 4, 2014

A miracle danchi

Hey peeps,

So sorry I haven`t been too in touch lately. Busy stuff going down over here (lame excuse, I know). Elder Ch and I have been making some big pushes to lead our zone to success and we are starting to see lots of little miracles here and there.

So I can`t remember if I mentioned this before at all, but we had a way cool experience a few weeks ago. Elder Ch and I were out riding our bikes and stopped an older man and asked him how he was doing. He said he was way sad and ultimately didn`t want to talk to us but then he stopped this girl walking past and told her to talk to us. We were talking to both of them for a second, and found out she had gone to church before back in Nagoya and knew a lot of stuff. Then they both walked away before we could get a chance to say anything more, but then we took note of the apartment building nearby that they both appeared to live in. 

The following week we came back, housed the entire apartment, and found the same girl plus and additional three new investigators (we called it miracle danchi (apartment) after that, haha. Then the following week we brought the sister missionaries back with us so they could start teaching the girl, whose name is T, about 22 years old. We successfully left her with the sisters and went on our merry way, happy that we had a solid new investigator for them to work with.

Then this past week we get a referral for one of the areas in Nagoya from one of our church members. We call that area to pass off the referral, and then they in turn tell us about a less-active member from their area who just moved to our area and needs help. They didn`t have the address though, just the name and number. The less-active member`s name was T, a 22 year old young woman. It was the same young woman! We were so surprised to find out that this random sister we met on the street was actually already a member of the church who needs a lot of help. With this new information we are now able to work with the ward to help with her situation and bring the full blessings of the gospel back into her life.

We had an amazing lesson last night with our investigator J as well. I don`t have time for details, but basically the best thing he said was that he has been praying to find the truth for a long time and then we found him on the street. He is way excited to meet with us more.

SO many miracles lately. Our zone is growing and we are busier than ever working in all the areas all over our zone. It`s been quite an adventure.

Love you and thank you so much for all your love and support!! Sorry I don`t have time for much more :(

Peace and love,

Elder Naylor


the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man which sowed good seed in his field

We're seeing miracles from that field every day!

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