Sunday, October 6, 2013

I am "kansha" . . .

Japanese word for the week: kansha. "Thankful."

We are seeing amazing things in Ichinomiya, but right now I'm in Inuyama--"Dog Mountain"--staying overnight while I wait to travel to the mission office in Meito tomorrow.

I have made it through my first transfer (six weeks) here, and it has been amazing. SO many unforgettable experiences, so many miracles. I've seen many people's lives change as they learn about and embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The faith of these amazing people in a country that has yet to fully embrace Christianity is inspiring and humbling.

Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to Elder H this morning as he heads back home, having served a faithful mission these past two years. I miss him so much as my companion. I'll definitely be keeping in touch with him.

goodbye to my first district in Nagoya
My new companion is Elder A from Hawaii!! I will meet him tomorrow in person. I talked to him on the phone though, and it sounds like we're going to get along great. I'm looking forward to our companionship.

Last week N-san asked his wife for permission to join the church, and she was okay with it. His faith is growing each day. We had an excellent lesson with our new investigator, F-san, who has also brought his friend F-san2 (girlfriend maybe) to our past two lessons. This past week Elder H had me take the lead and teach her about the Book of Mormon and give her a copy. She lives in Okazaki, which is not in our zone (the other side of Nagoya), but we will probably continue to teach her along with F-san. Very exciting. She's super nice and lots of fun.

This week we found a new investigator....K-san. He lives an hour away by bike. Found him in the Area Book....hasn't heard from missionaries for about three years. The first time we visited his house he was extremely friendly and actually took us out to eat. We've taught him some English and also more about the gospel. Very wonderful guy, and he seems interested. He has a very good friend who is church member, but lives in Gifu (area right next to Ichinomiya). 

One of our investigators, Y-san, came to church yesterday!! Totally surprised us....we had no idea he would actually happy and grateful I was to see him. It was Fast Sunday yesterday, and among the things I was fasting for was that he would come to church. We truly can receive answers to our prayers. After church we had a wonderful lesson with both of the Ys, and their faith is really starting to grow. 

So Elder Hand I were basically inducted into the Relief Society last week. On Wednesday we spent the afternoon with some Relief Society sisters teaching us how to sew and use sewing machines and stuff. I finished making my apron that I started in the MTC, and it is now a world-famous work of art. Don't worry, I'll send a picture, but you've probably already seen it on billboards by now, it's so awesome.

move over Betty Crocker, I'm rocking this apron
Still many struggling people here. I love when we get to do service, helping people who can't help themselves. We get several opportunities every week, whether it's church members or investigators or just random people on the street. Their is nothing more exquisite than the expression of true brotherly love and kindness from one person to another. I wish I was better at it...I still have such a long way to go. Many Japanese people have mastered it.

Japan is awesome. The food is delicious. The monkeys are cool. But the crowning jewel of these isles is the wonderful people. Even more wonderful with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Eikaiwa--English class--with N-san
You are always in my prayers. Thank you for your support and prayers and mail.

I love you all!!

Love always,

Elder Naylor

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